At the Bolivar church of Christ we nurture and support family. One way we do this is through our children’s ministry. That’s why you’ll find a warm and loving environment for your little ones starting at birth.

Our bible study time is designed to teach our children to love and honor God’s Word and give them a foundation for personal faith by teaching them basic truths about God.

We believe that there is value in writing God’s Word on their heart through spiritual experience. They will learn to live out their faith while building relationships with people of all ages.


Our Vision

We achieve our vision through a broad-based program that focuses on reaching teenagers for Christ where they are and loving them for who they are.  We offer many activities for teens including a variety of spiritual, recreational, service & fellowship projects.

Our Bible classes focus on teaching and building a knowledge-based love for the Lord.

We emphasize an application-oriented study of biblical principles which help them grow in their faith, challenge them to discover their ministry by serving others, so they will devote their lives to God.

Our youth group offers a wide range of activities to spiritually engage teenagers.

These events help foster and facilitate a love for God and are designed to be fun, fulfilling, and encouraging.


Our Goals 

All of our activities provide an opportunity for teens to connect with other teenagers of similar interests, backgrounds, and struggles.


We want all our teenagers to feel accepted, be encouraged to participate and want to come back.

We all strive to live as a living sacrifice to God. Through our youth ministry, we want our teenagers to know the Bible and do what it says.